The Executive Council of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners wants to serve you better & appreciates your taking the time to complete this survey.

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  To insure impartiality, this survey is conducted by the University of Texas at Austin.
  For each of the following statements, select the one which most clearly reflects your answer.  You may skip items that do not apply.
  This survey is anonymous and  we do not collect information which allows for identification of individuals.

I am a:
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My race/ethnicity is:
Asian-American/Native American

Indicate (in years) how long you have received services from this organization:
Less than 1 year      1 to 3 years      More than 3 years     

Over the past 12 months, indicate how many times you have interacted with this organization: (including filing for license/renewal)
Once      2 to 3 times      More than 3 times     

Please indicate the category which best describes you:
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapist Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Other (please specify)

What was the purpose of your contact with ECPTOTE?
Application Status
License renewal information
Open Records Request
File or respond to complaint against licensee
Obtain forms/publications
Name/address change
Problem with ECPTOTE
Inquiry about obtaining a license
Interpretation of OT or PT Rules and/or Acts

My 5 digit home zip code:

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly DisagreeNot Applicable
Staff members were knowledgeable and helpful.
I received the correct information I needed.
I received the correct materials I needed.
The web site was easy to use and well organized.
The web site contained clear and accurate information on events, services, and contact information.
If I complained, I believe it would be addressed in a reasonable manner.
My telephone call, letter or e-mail inquiry was answered in a reasonable amount of time.
Printed brochures or written material provided thorough and accurate information.
Overall, I am satisfied with my experience.
If I visited the facility, it was clean and orderly.